Enjoy the unique countryside surrounding Rolde, Drenthe

Rolde is bordered by forests, heathland and sand flats. From the hotel you can explore the Hondsrug, the National Parc “Drentsche Aa”,  and the Balloërveld on foot or by bicycle.

Geopark the Hondsrug

The Hondsrug area is characterised by a wide range of forests; impressive old forests with big oak and beech trees, beautiful forests covered with undergrowth bordering the edge of the heath and forgotten copses along the common… And some forests seem to be slowly overtaking the heath. There are some old productive, never ending woodlands and magnificent young forests bursting with life. It will be our pleasure to point you in the direction of the Hondsrug forest…

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National Parc "Drentsche Aa"

The landscape of the northern provence of Drenthe is an ancient one......

…with human settlement going back thousands of years. The outstanding cultural and natural values here led to the area’s designation as an National landscape in 2002. Through it meanders a stream called “the Drentsche Aa”, from which the National landscape derives it’s name.

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The Balloërveld is a unique area of natural beauty featuring widely spread heathland, sand drifts and historic traces that were left behind by the former inhabitants. The cart tracks, the Celtic Fields (walled fields of 40 x 40 metres in Medieval times), the burial mounds and urn fields are still visible today. The area has its own flock of sheep that have grazed the heath since 1981. The shepherd has provided an informative panel that indicates when and where you can see them grazing. The Balloërveld boasts the presence of a large number of rare plant species. There are many animal species living on the heath and sand drifts that are typical to these biotope areas.

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